For problem-solving with both technology and business

Arima Management Design is a management consulting company that
strives to solve modern complex management issues. With over 20 years of experience
in the IoT/Embedded industry, Arima Management Design excels at solving
those issues and contributing to future designs of companies and society.


We have established Arima Management Design for the purpose of supporting corporate management/business development, activating the IT industry, where we have been conducting business for a number of years, and contributing to society by leveraging our professional knowledge in which we have acquired through our experience of corporate management and a social network that we have built up through industry foundation activities.

Japan has many social issues that are being worked on, such as optimizing the energy supply and improving the labor productivity of an aging society. We strongly believe that IoT/Embedded technology should play a bigger role in society in order to solve these issues.

Arima Management Design works on dealing with complex and cross-functional issues, such as new opportunities for business development combining technology with management, and innovation with close collaboration between companies, industries, government and academia. Our goal is to work along with our customers to pave the way to a successful future for companies, industries, and society.

We highly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Hitoshi Arima

Hitoshi Arima

President's Profile

Arima has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, starting his professional career from an embedded engineer who was involved in developing factory automation robots and embedded operating systems, and then moved his career to Silicon-Valley based companies as a manager of engineering and business development. Finally, as president, he has succeeded in launching three start-up companies in Japan, SDS, MontaVista Software, and dSPACE. Now he is an owner/president of Arima Management Design as well as a visiting professor at Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science and an instructor at The University of Tokyo and Kyushu Institute of Technology. He also contributes to social activities in industrial associations such as Smart System Verification and Validation Technology Association and Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles.

Service Menu

# Please feel free to contact us individually
Management Area
  • General management advice for each growth stage
  • Corporate/business strategy/plan
  • Sales/Marketing, Human Resource, etc
Technology Area
  • Tech advice for industries (Auto, Energy, General Embedded)
  • Support on technical application
  • State-of-the-art technology introduction (MBSE, MBD), etc
Other Areas
  • New market development from technical viewpoint
  • Platform creation between different industries
  • Education for management and/or technology, etc

Consulting Cases (major examples)

# Your understanding will be highly appreciated, and not clarifying each detail of the cases due to Non-Disclosure Agreements.
Support on building the organization to develop advanced driver assistance system / autonomous driving (a manufacturer) Support on creating a technical strategy for IoT and setting up Model Based Development (a manufacturer) Support on project management for a traffic infrastructure project (a manufacturer) Support on entering new businesses related to Model Based Development and Systems Engineering (an IT company) Research on global trends of automotive software development such as automotive agile (an IT company) Advice on investments and business alliances with technology companies (an IT company) Research on autonomous driving systems (a consulting company) A proposal and research about decentralized energy systems (a consulting company)


Company NameArima Management Design, Ltd.
President and OwnerHitoshi Arima
Date of EstablishmentMay 15th, 2015
Office Address 5F Ginza Daiei Building, 1-16-7 Ginza,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061
Business Outline - Providing consulting business for corporate management, technology and social issues
- Selling/importing products related to above issues
- Conducting Seminars, lectures, etc

- 4 minutes from Takaracho Station exit A3 on the Asakusa Line
- 4 minutes from Ginza-Itchome Station exit 10 on the Yurakucho Line
- 4 minutes from Kyobashi Station exit 1 on the Ginza Line
- 10 minutes from Yurakucho Station exit Kyobashi on the JR Line